The UK’s Largest Wholesale Coral Supplier

Welcome to Reefworks, started in 2004 as the UK’s first dedicated coral farm, Reefworks has now
expanded into the UK’s largest wholesale coral warehouse.

There has always been a problem in the UK for retail outlets to obtain high quality corals from within
the UK and when shipping directly or through consolidation the results can be rather varied.
We remove these problems for you.
All of our corals and invertebrates are carefully acclimatised and health checked in our modern
coral facility before being released for sale, so no more problems with poor
quality brown corals being mixed in with your shipments!

We are open to the trade only and welcome you to our facility so that you can hand pick your own stock.
We also offer a same day delivery service with our own staff and vehicle.

We are continually making trips to the tropics to help choose the best and most sought after corals
and deal directly with the coral farmers themselves.