Test – Supplying The Best Wholesale Corals To The Trade

In 2012 Reefworks underwent a large expansion to launch the wholesale part of our business Reefworks-Trade.
There has always been a problem in the UK for retail outlets to obtain high quality corals from within the UK and when
shipping directly or through consolidation the results can be rather varied. We remove these problems for you.

We have made numerous trips to the tropics to help set up coral farms and establish partnerships with existing coral
farming businesses, we deal directly with the coral farmers themselves and ship to our own coral holding facilities.
Only when the corals have been inspected for high quality do we release them for sale to you, so no more
problems with poor quality brown corals being mixed in with your shipments. You get to see and choose the corals
yourself and can rely on 100% high quality, high colour corals in any order you make with us.

This website contains an index of coral species which we regularly import and can be used as a reference
when identifying the species of coral you wish to order. We will regularly send you updated availability lists
and special offers.

We are constantly working with our partners to increase the variety of maricultured corals that we can
offer so if there is any species that you would like farmed that is not on the list please let us know.